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One of the Elm Tree Farm chickensEver fancied having your own chickens? Fresh eggs in the morning and some little feathered friends clucking around the place?

Well now’s your chance! Elm Tree Farm is re-homing some slightly older birds, asking for a donation of just £1 per bird to support our amazing work. For the chickens welfare – they like company – we request each person takes a minimum of two chickens.

They are a variety of breeds; Bluebells, Black Rocks, Blacktails, and Light Sussex, and they’re all approximately two-years-old so have lots of laying left in them.

The birds will be given a clean bill of health prior to being re-homed and we’re happy to give expert advice about how to look after your new beaked buddies.

As these birds are used to a free-range lifestyle, they’ll need a garden or open space to roam, and a secure place to keep them safe from Mr Fox overnight.

If you think you’d like to start living the ‘good life’, please get in touch through the Contact us page or call us on 0117 958 6206.

8 thoughts on “Adopt a chicken”

Holly says:

Hi there,
I would like to rehome some chickens. I have kept chickens before but we have had a little break recently over last year.
We have a safe enclosure to keep them in and lots of orchard for them to roam freely for a coyple of hours a day.
I’m keen to rehome 4-6 chickens

elmtreefarm says:

Hello Holly.
Thanks for your message about rehoming chickens. We’ll pass it on to the team and someone will get in touch.
Best regards.

Tanya Saw says:


Do you have any chickens that need rehoming? I work for milestones trust and after maybe 3 for the residential home I work at

elmtreefarm says:

Hello Tanya. We’ll pass your message on to the team and someone will come back to you. Thanks for getting in touch.

Stacey Nicholls says:

I would like to rehome 3 hens

elmtreefarm says:

Hello Stacey. We’ll check with the animal care team and someone will come back to you via email. Thanks for getting in touch.

Nicola Jayne Evans says:

Hi. Do you have any hens looking for a lovely home

elmtreefarm says:

Hi Nicola. Thanks for your message.
Really sorry but we don’t have any available at the moment. When we have some ready for re-homing, we’ll pop a post on our social media pages. Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram.
Many thanks.

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