Stoke Park conservation grazing

Grazing cattleBack in July 2017, we told you about our work with Bristol City Council and the plans to help bring Stoke Park Estate back to its former glory through conservation, grazing our cattle across parts of the historic site.

Bristol City Council has been working with Natural England and Historic England, and have secured funds from their Countryside Stewardship scheme, then match funding from the Stoke Park dowry that’s dedicated to works to improve the estate.

The aim is to restore and improve the Estate, increase diversity of wildlife, protect the listed World War II anti-aircraft defence battery monuments, and other works such as restoring heritage walls and planting 70 new parkland trees.

The history of Stoke Park Estate

Historically, cattle were grazed at Stoke Park to help manage the land and we already graze some parts of the Estate. By extending the area that we graze, we can stop the spread of scrub and invasive, fast-growing trees, allowing a wider variety of natural grassland plants and wildlife to thrive.

Looking back on pictures of the Estate through time, it’s easy to see how much of the grassland we’ve already lost due to lack of effective management. We’re hoping that our gentle-natured cows can help keep the wild growth of brambles to a minimum, whilst also reducing the need for large land management machinery emitting fumes across the Estate.

Further plans

There will of course, be lots of opportunities for us to work with the local community and conservation volunteers, so please watch the video below from Bristol City Council about Stoke Park Restoration and the works they have planned for the coming years. You can also find full details of the plans on the council’s website.

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