Join the ‘Life Stories’ Urban Sketchers workshop in June, 2017

The team behind ‘Pushing Your Sketching Boundaries’ is coming to Elm Tree Farm from 22-24 June. They’ll be holding an Urban Sketchers course and telling the life story of Elm Tree Farm and the work that goes on here.

How to sketch peopleThey’re excited to share their drawing and storytelling abilities with us, and each of the tutors will approach the subject in a slightly different way.

Isabel says: “Drawing people in action and in their environment is a journey of discovery, a conversation, that will take place whilst we draw and paint.”

Miguel is a master of storytelling and reportage. He’ll help participants to create vignettes in a comic strip, to help tell our story.

Swasky bases his activities in portraits, interviews, and drawing in the same way that old travelling storytellers used to when moving from village to village. He says: “People are the most important place.”

About the workshop

Life Stories logoThe intense three-day course will be rewarding in a variety of ways. Students, tutors, and Elm Tree Farm trainees and staff, will spend the days drawing the life they observe on the farm, coming together to tell a pictorial story.

Drawings from all participants, including those from trainees and staff at Elm Tree Farm, will form the basis of an exhibition to be held at the Farm later on in the year.

While the course is underway, a collection of photos and the drawings will create a growing exhibition at Café Kino in Bristol.

The course kicks off at the Café on the evening of 21 June, with a talk by Len Grant, a Manchester photographer and urban sketcher. He’ll tell his story about working with various community groups in Manchester.

About the tutors

Isabel Carmona is an architect and artist based in Newbury UK. Her passion is watercolour and she carries her sketchbook everywhere to capture everyday life.

Miguel Herranz is a freelance illustrator. He relishes working in sketchbooks as his main mean of expression.

Victor aka Swasky, also draws all the time. He is a communicator and freelance illustrator based in Barcelona.

More information and booking

You can find out more about the workshop and the tutors in the Life Stories Bristol workshop proposal (PDF, 1.2MB).

For a registration form, please call Isabel on 07905 495 614 or email