Pottery therapy boosts health and wellbeing

Getting hands-on with pottery and creating ceramics, offers a variety of health and wellbeing benefits. However, a lot of community pottery classes aren’t able to support our trainees’ needs and some people lack the confidence or means to try a community pottery class.

Through a grant from Awards for All Lottery Fund, Fishponds ceramics studio Pop Up Pottery Creative Healing, was able to offer some of the Farm trainees the chance to have a go at pottery.

Pottery workshops give people the opportunity to try different techniques including clay modelling and using a potter’s wheel. Our trainees got to explore the benefits of pottery; developing dexterity, building confidence, relaxation, having fun, and trying new things.

Discovering a new passion

The workshops were a huge success and a couple of the team discovered a new passion. Aidan, who works in the ornamental garden, enjoyed it so much he said he’d do it every day if he could. Kieran, who is supported to do woodwork activities, was fascinated by the potter’s wheel, how it works, and the sensations from working with clay.

Louis, who is visually impaired, thoroughly enjoyed the experience:

“It was brilliant. I really liked the feel of the clay because it was squishy and cold. I rolled the clay into a long sausage and made a bowl with it. It felt like having a hand massage on a Ferris wheel. I liked the feel of the clay spinning around.”

Finola, who led the session, was impressed with the trainees’ efforts:

“Thank you so much for the invitation to work with you and the very warm welcome at the Farm. We had a great time meeting you all and are so proud to have worked with you.”

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Nelson Fogerty says:

It’s good that you point out that making pottery is a great way to relax. I have a lot of stress in my life, so I’m considering taking a pottery class. I’m going to look for a good pottery class in my area to attend.

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