Spring calf joy

Bella's heifer calfDown at Elm Tree Farm our breeding herd of cows have just started to calf. It’s an exciting time, especially with some first-time mums in the herd but, touch wood, so far so good. Bella gave birth to this beautiful heifer calf last Thursday, and just yesterday, Hattie had a little bull calf.

Our herd is a mixture of breeds but mainly Aberdeen Angus and Hereford. They are caring mums and are quiet and good to handle. This is really important so that the people we support can get up close and experience farming firsthand.

Spring is such an exciting time with so much potential and exciting growth happening. At the moment we’re waiting for the grass to really start growing. Sue has been out chain harrowing and rolling the fields with the tractor to even them out and stimulate growth. It might sound silly but¬†grass is such an important thing for us and our cows as it’s all they really eat. This time of year is always a bit nerve-racking whilst we wait for it to really get growing.

It won’t be long until the lambs are on the way!